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IBG Student Manual


IBG offers experience-based, in-demand technology training and hiring programs. Students that are part of our fast-track program can gain functional exposure to these technologies through software development, while learning the corresponding content and vernacular related to the field. These programs are fully immersive, and offer the student a significant amount of exposure across platforms. All programs provide on-the-job skills, but only the fast track program guarantees job placement and perpetual career development after job placement. 

Course Times:

M/Th 8:30PM EST – 9:30 PM EST Location: Virtual.  (Guaranteed Job Class)

M/Th 9:30 PM - 10:00 PM EST:  (Free Training Class/COVID-19 Subsidized/Trap-Tech/4-6 Month FREE)


  1. Piazza – Student learning/engagement forum:

  2. GoToWebinar – Lecture / Presentation software for all class sessions

  3. Youtube – Supplemental videos

  4. Udemy – Supplemental training

Technologies Covered

1. JavaScript Technologies, HTML5/CSS3

2. React Native/React JS/Redux

3. Android

4. TypeScript 7. XML

5. Agile SDLC 

6. Git/GitHub/GitFlow

7. Visual Studio Code/Android Studio 

8. NPM 

Course Rules:

1. All students will submit lecture notes to the PIAZZA within 5 minutes of class completion 2. All students will provide a daily scrum report (status report) to the PIAZZA detailing:

  1. What you did yesterday

  2. What you are doing today

  3. What you plan to do tomorrow

  4. Whether or not there are any blockers to your progress

  5. Make at least 5 posts per day on piazza. Once should be a response to another student's post.
  6. Spend at least 15 minutes per day looking at other classmates posts and responding to them. 
  7. Open a ticket at if you do not get a response in 24 hours.  You can also call us at 866 611 3604 
  8. All of the work you complete must be added to your GitHub profile. Each project should be an individual submission/github repo.  You will end up having 40-50 GitHub repositories under your name by the time you complete.  Make sure your code works as designed. Label your submissions based on the requirement or name of the project, not on assignment name.  I.E.   Instagram Clone .  IBG Support will be pulling your assignments and running them to make sure you are getting your work done.  You must supply your GitHub link in your completed assignments posts. 
  9. Create your own personal youtube page, and for each assignment do a small video explaining what you did and what your approach was.  Take some time to plan out what you will say.  Speak from the context of delivering a solution.  (a) Explain the problem (b) explain your solution (c) give an overview of what you built (d) explain any challenges you faced and how you got through them.
  10. You will complete all in-class assignments and send details on 
  11. You will submit your lecture notes within 10 minutes of live lecture completion.  Submission happens via piazza.  Just post your raw notes and submit.
  12. Be as professional as possible.  Any swearing/profanity will result in a warning. Further instances may result in suspension and removal from class.
  13. There are planted "roadblocks in your assignments". We want to see how you respond, allow you to choose a direction and deliver.  Feel free to ask questions to get feedback on your ideas.  You just need to be able to fully justify what direction you took.  There is a solution to every problem, some are just better than others! Be creative. 
  14. If you run into a blocker: Report immediately. Explain why it is a blocker and what steps you are going to try to get past it. Explain what other research you have done.  Do not just make a piazza post saying "I'm stuck please help"  do the research , explain the problem. 

How to submit your assignments

1. Make a post in PIAZZA showing screenshots of your code working.  Title format is 

<Your Name><Day><Assignment name>Completion. 

I.e.   Tammy_Smith_Day1_

Example Status Report:
Yesterday: Fixed Java exceptions on my Instagram project

Today: will try to get it built and completed
Tomorrow: will start on the database project, and go through youtube videos Blockers: no blockers



1. This is a journey, not a sprint. We are not forcing you to complete in a certain amount of time, but we are expecting you to stay actively engaged throughout the process. 
2. Some people will move faster than you, others will move slower. Worry about you. 3. Don’t quit when things get hard.
4. Ask questions in the piazza daily. If you don’t get answers go find them yourself and

report them to the piazza.
5. Help others as much has you can.
6. Use StackOverflow and google to find technical answers and get assistance. 
7. If you can get an accountability partner to work with you, please do.  All accountability partners must be fully enrolled in the class. In order for you and your accountability partner to officially share work, you and your partner need to make IBG Training aware of your pairing by submission of an email to 

Sample Template:

Subject:  Accountability partner request for Tammy Smith:

Email Content:  Hello, this email is to confirm that registered/enrolled student Jimmy Johnson is now an accountability partner for Tammy Smith. We will be working on assignments together and delivering  our assignments together. I understand that each of us will still be maintaining our own separate GitHub profiles.  Each of us will also be fully accountable for the delivery and correctness of our assignments. 


Tammy Smith


Administrative Contact: Enrollment@ibgsoftware.comAdministrative Phone: 866-611-3604 x 333
HelpDesk :

Getting Started Instructions:

  1. Log into PIAZZA with the class ID given to you during your enrollment.

  2. Assignments: Assignments are in the "resources" section of PIAZZA

  3. Watch the following videos on how to use PIAZZA

  4. Go to the resources section of piazza to see all assignments: Start from Day 1 and proceed at your own pace until all work is complete




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