IBG Fast Track: Getting Started


Getting Started:  IBG Fast Track

If the issue is urgent please feel free to call us at 866-611-3604  and we'll do our best to help you as quickly as possible. 


After Enrolling: 

  1. Once you have completed your payment and registration, you will receive an email that contains the following:


  1. PIAZZA Link and password:   You use this information to get into PIAZZA






  1. GoToWebinar links for registering for Monday and Thursday classes. Make sure you click on both links and register. 



Once you are registered in the PIAZZA, you will see all assignments for the entire class. 


Here are videos explaining how to use piazza.  Please review them to get a full understanding of how the system works. 











Attending Class


To attend class, click on the Gotowebinar link sent to you.  You will also receive reminders via email containing the links to click. 



Contacting the instructors: You can create a private post in PIAZZA to any of the instructors, and you can also create a Helpdesk ticket at

 https://ibgsupport.zendesk.com.   Please open a ticket if you do not receive a response on anything within 24 hours.



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