I'm Ready, How does Job Placement work?


As part of the fast-track program, IBG provides job placement assistance and guaranteed placements. 

Students must do ALL work and demonstrate full understanding of the concepts and terminology, When this happens, they are moved into the placement phase. 


 Here are the completion requirements. 
1. Full PIAZZA review of engagment and in-class assignment submission.
2. Full Review of your github, and verification that all assignments have been completed and all programs run as designed
3. Telephone interview/review of all your work.
From there, we'll go into interview phase where we prep you for the jobs. 

The job placement phase involves the following: 

1. Mock Interviews and preparation. Interview coaching and best practices

2.Engagement of the IBG Recruitment staff to assist with resume prep, soft skills, and coding test preparation. 

3.Continued interview prep and training while our staff lines up the jobs that are most relevant to the candidate.

4. Setup of reachable milestones as far as interviews and project completion go. 

This process continues until you get a job! 

Full Outline

  • Android interview questions
  • Javascript Interview Questions
  • React Interview Questions
  • Agile Interview questions: 100%
  • IBG Software Internal Implementation 100%
  • GIT Questions 
  • Behavioral Questions
  • Full GitHub profile
  • Resume Update
  • LinkedIn Update
  • Dice Update
  • Monster Update
  • Careerbuilder Update
  • FlexJobs Update
  • Mock Interview
  • Describe all projects, and clean your gitHUB
  • Build Android From Scratch 
  • Build React From Scratch
  • Build React/Redux From Scratch
  • Mock Interview

Guaranteed Placement:  

  • Job placement interviews, discussions with managers, coding challenges until hired 
  • Continued assistance 





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