This payment is non-refundable 7 days prior to start date. In making payment you agree to these terms. We purchase significant training resources prior to class beginning. In purchasing this fast-track training, student complies to these terms. We allow those that must stop training to come back at a later date.


For more questions about our program, email enrollment@ibgsoftware.com. Also, NOTE after completing payment for the course, students will NOT see lecture material or work material until the live lectures begin.

Q. Seems too good to be true.

A. It’s not. You have a lot of work hard to do to complete the program! There is no easy way out. Most colleges, universities, are inadequate. Over 70% of college students graduate with a degree, tens of thousands of dollars in DEBT and STILL CANNOT FIND A JOB!! Today’s colleges and universities care nothing about your career prospects, they only care about BIG Tuition Bills!! 98% of our trainees get jobs. We get you exactly what you need to get a job and help you get one in a cost-effective manner. Most importantly, we stick with you until you land a job--either with IBG or with another company! Still not sure? Call us and one of our friendly folks will take care all your questions!

Q. Am I guaranteed a job if I do this?

A. We We will do our best to help you get a job. We know the ins and outs of job placement and training, and you will have direct access to all of our resources. The FAST Track Program accelerates the efforts and targets getting you a job in 3 months. You, of course, need to make sure you do everything we ask of you during the training and after the training.

Q. What is the difference between the Fast Track program and your 4-6 month program?

A. The 4-6 month program is free and provides our standard training modules, which any student can re-take until they are prepared to work. This training is valued at 75,000.00 per student. We do not guarantee that you will get a job, but you will have all the skills you need in order to compete for the jobs.

The 4-6 month program does not deliver job placement, interview prep, resume building, or interview setup. Students that do well here may be invited to work directly for IBG. 

Q. When will I get a job?

A. We can't guarantee when you will get a job. You must put the effort in. We do not guaranteed jobs. You must work with us to ensure your employability in the Tech space

Q. What if I need a visa sponsorship?

A. If you complete the course and all requirements, we will sponsor your visa and help get you a job. We only entertain sponsoring visas in the FAST TRACK program.

Q. What happens when I finish the program?

A. Once you complete, you can begin interview preparation and we will start working to help get you a job, with IBG software or with another company. If you are not quite ready to work, we will provide you additional no-cost training that you can pursue on your own time to become more advanced. You may also be invited to become a mobile apprentice. As a third option, you can be invited to participate in one of our 6-12 month training programs to become an advanced engineer and command an even higher salary when you complete.

Q. Do you have an apprentice program?

A. Yes, once you complete the fast track program you can be invited to our apprentice program. This allows you to get real project experience, hands-on, immediately.

Q. Are there any discounts?

A. No. This intro course is already severely discounted. Most companies charge $4,000 for 1 month, up front. If you don't have the resources, our suggestion is you save up and start the following month. This intro course offered multiple times per year.

Q. What if I don't like it after the first week?

A. We recommend that you ask as many questions as possible prior to enrolling. If you're not sure, think about it and enroll for one of the following months. The training is rigorous, so we don't think 1 week is enough to provide an accurate gauge for the trajectory of the course.

Q. What if I quit?

A. We understand if you have to stop. If you quit for any reason, you can re-enroll in a future month for half price. Once you complete, you will get a certificate.

Q. How do I know I'll get an invite to the longer training after I finish this program?

A. Once you complete the boot camp you are guaranteed to get an invite to a longer training program if that is what you want.

Q. I finished the fast track program. I'm still fuzzy on concepts--what do I do?

A. We'll help you continue to train. Everyone is different and some take longer than others. We stick with you

Q. Where are the classes held?

A. Classes are online. Lectures are live. 2-3 times a week. Assignments are given every day after the lecture. You can complete this course from your home as long as you have a phone, internet connection and a computer.

Q. What kind of computer do I need to do this class?

A. You need a Mac or Windows PC with at least 8GB of RAM. 4GB will also work but you need to make sure you turn off all applications you don't need.

Q. Is there financial Aid?

A.  No. We're severely discounted as part of the non-profit program

Q. Can I work now?

A. Definitely, if you have the skills and do well in the training.

Q. What is your dropout rate?

A. Pretty low. We see an average of 5% dropout rate. Most people drop because they don't have the time or their work hours have changed. Good news is that we allow those that "drop" to return to a later class.

Q. Can I train my current city/state?

A. Yes, and you will most likely get a job near your home. The jobs are everywhere and many of them are remote. The better you are, the more leverage you have to dictate your work situation.

Q. I have a masters’ degree in comp science, I am ready right?

A. No, masters’ degrees and even Ph.D. degrees mean nothing in today's tech economy. If you don't have the right skills you will not be able to work. Companies no longer care if you have a Ph.D. in comp science if you cannot complete an intermediate coding exercise in current technology. DO NOT FEEL CONFIDENT THAT YOUR DEGREE SOLIDIFIES YOUR ELIGIBILITY FOR TODAYS TECH JOBS!! THE COMPANIES WANT TO SEE MORE!

Q. Explain the longer-term training. I'm confused.

A. IBG offers 6-12 month and 12-18 month training programs. These programs are more advanced and are invite only. They invite-only because there is no up-front cost to participate, but the student must either repay tuition when complete or sign an agreement and work for IBG exclusively for 3 years. Note. This is not an enrollment option—it is by invite only. The quickest way to get an invite is to complete our fast track training course.

Q. What if I want to work for IBG?

A. You can do that, we have to see that you have the drive and the skills.

Q. Will you help me get a job?

A. Yes, absolutely. We want you out there working as soon as you're ready!

Please call 866 611 3604 x 333 for more details.

ENROLL NOW: click the link below register and pay via PayPal/credit card.


399.00 Fee

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